For even more cycling in 2021!

SmartHalo 2: Discover the New Generation

Make Your Bike Smarter

We believe biking is the future of urban mobility — that’s why we make smart bike devices with elegant design and minimalist technology.


A Better Cycling Experience for All

Biking is amazing, you know that. It is healthy, environmentally friendly, and can give you the freedom of movement you crave. Despite this, bikes haven’t really evolved in over 50 years. By combining new tech and a minimalist user experience, we aim to make cycling safer, more useful, and more fun.


Coming Soon: The Future of Cycling

After raising $1.7M USD on Kickstarter, we’re about to launch SmartHalo 2 worldwide. It’s built with the same functions you love from version 1: a GPS navigator, a night light, an alarm system, fitness tracking, and more. But this time, there are over 30 improvements, including a central display, swiping functionality, a better light, and so much more.


Where It All Started

In 2014, the founders of SmartHalo got together with one mission: to improve the cycling experience through smart technology. As avid cyclists, they realized that unlike any other modes of transport, bikes had been technologically neglected. While cars and planes became smarter, the bike remained relatively unchanged.

So, they decided that for the bicycle to become the future of urban mobility, it would need a technological update that would also preserve its environmentally-friendly, analog nature.

With this in mind, the first SmartHalo was created.