OEM E-bike Displays
Shouldn’t Be Boring

Cyclists want an e-bike they’ll love. With its minimalist circular interface, SmartHalo E is the modern, simple and fun e-bike display that cyclists have been waiting for. It comes with all the features you would expect from an e-bike display but goes way beyond them with easy-to-use navigation, an anti-theft alarm, fitness tracking, phone notifications and more. Your e-bike has never been smarter.

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Add smart features to your e-bikes with a slick device that integrates seamlessly with your e-bike design.

Increase the perceived value of your e-bike and reduce e-bike-related
pain points.

Gain valuable insights on your consumers and stay connected
with them.

Your E-bike Can Do So Much More

SmartHalo E is based on our award-winning SmartHalo 2 smart biking device. By leveraging the power of smartphones, it turns your e-bike into a fully-fledged smart bike your customers will crave.


The E-Bike Display Revisited

Instead of displaying a ton of metrics on a monochrome screen, SmartHalo displays what the user needs, when they need it, all on a beautiful combination of a circular display and crisp white pixels. The usual suspects are included: speed, distance, assist level, battery life and clock.


Anti-Theft Protection for All E-Bikes

Getting an e-bike stolen is a painful experience: 58% of e-bike users we asked mentioned it was one of the barriers to entry into purchasing one. Since SmartHalo E is secured with an anti-theft mount, it remains on the bike at all times. Any theft attempt will trigger its 100 dB alarm.


Navigation Simplified

An e-bike allows you to bike further: having GPS navigation included is a no-brainer then. SmartHalo E’s minimalistic turn-by-turn or compass-style navigation allows you to get to your destination while focusing on the road.


Integrated Lighting Done Right

SmartHalo E has an integrated super bright front light. This means you can skip the front light while spec’ing your bike thus saving a few bucks along the way. It also has an integrated lithium battery, which means you don’t need to reserve x% of your e-bikes battery for it. Save it to let your users ride further!


Notifications for the Connected Cyclist

If we want to increase e-bike adoption, we need to give the proper tools to connected cyclists. SmartHalo E provides incoming call and text notifications, making sure no one misses important communications.


Detailed Fitness Metrics

Go beyond simple distance and speed trip metrics. SmartHalo E measures and saves the calories you’ve burnt, your average speed, your elevation and for the CO2 you’ve spared, to keep track of the part your users play in helping the environment. All lifetime stats are shown in our beautiful companion app and can be pushed to Strava.

Compatible With Most Major E-Bike Motors Drives

SmartHalo E is compatible with most major e-bike motor drives. It also is compatible with any thumb controller. You simply need to choose SmartHalo E instead of yesteryear’s hmi when spec’ing your e-bike, we take care of the rest.


Bike Tech for the 21st Century

We’re on a mission to put more bikes on the road. How we achieve this is by creating user-friendly products that don’t look like pagers from the ‘90s. It’s no wonder we’ve been selected as an invention of the year by Time, are sold in Apple stores and have broken records on Kickstarter: we are a passionate team of cyclists and geeks that obsess over every detail. We always look to the latest trends in tech and listen carefully to the feedback from cyclists around the world. It’s why our users love our products that look and work like no other bike device.

Named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2019

Average Customers

Sold in
Apple Stores

$2M Collected on Kickstarter

You Are a Bike Brand Selling E-Bikes? Spec Smarthalo E on Your Bike.

Whether you sell 100 or 10,000 e-bikes per year, we want to help you stand out with SmartHalo E. Contact us to find out how.