20 June, 2019

7 New Features of SmartHalo 2

SmartHalo 2, now live on Indiegogo, has more than 30 improvements over its predecessor. Here are the top 7 improvements you should know about!

1. Introducing PeekDisplay™

An Extra Layer Just For You

PeekDisplay adds a new dimension to SmartHalo. Combined with the signature Halo, it provides all the info you need, while keeping it simple. Display metrics such as speed, distance and elevation or get valuable tidbits such as turn details, weather alerts and incoming caller ID while you ride.

2. Slicker, Lighter, Sturdier

New Lines, Same Rugged Design.

We’ve redrawn SmartHalo to integrate better with your bike’s aerodynamism. We’ve also completely redesigned a new sturdier Anti-theft mount along with a new HaloKey that is thinner and tougher.

3. Swipe Gestures

More Power at Your Fingertips

SmartHalo 2’s new swipe surface gives you more control over your device. Easily swipe between metrics of your choice and trigger predefined shortcuts with tap combinations.

4. Stronger Light

Shine bright like a diamond ♪└|∵|┘♪

SmartHalo 2 sports a completely redesigned, all-powerful front light. It is now a whopping 5x brighter than the original version. In addition, it is compliant with some of the newer, stricter regulations in Europe (we’ve heard you, German friends).

5. Revamped Navigation

Find the Way or Create Your Own

Navigation has been given a general overhaul: more options to customize your routes, GPX import and waypoints. You also get more info while using turn-by-turn navigation to make sure you’re on the right path.

6. Way More Integrations

Connect to What Matters

SmartHalo 2 integrates with more platforms that matter to you. This means you can get incoming notifications (with sender ID) from the apps that you use. But you can also trigger connected objects of your choice thanks to IFTTT support: tap on SmartHalo 2 to open your garage door and turn that Hue Light on at night.

7. Universal Quarter Lock Mount Support

Dock SmartHalo 2 on More Bikes

SmartHalo 2 comes with an Anti-theft mount but it is also compatible with Quarter Turn Mounts. This means you can easily install it on your secondary bike, road bikes, shared bikes or atypical handlebars. It also makes it easier to install SmartHalo on rental bikes when travelling.


Like what you see? Find out more on our Indiegogo campaign. Prices there are the lowest they’ll ever be!

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