03 October, 2018

New App Update Fitness: Delete rides

With over 1,057,589 trips logged by our SmartHalo community to date, we felt it was time to give you more control over your rides. This feature release will do just that!

Visualize Individual Rides

In the Fitness tab, you can now see your individual rides per day compared to before when you could only see a cumulative of the rides that you completed that day.

Delete Individual Rides

As part of that change you will also be able to delete individual rides that you may not want to include in your stats.

This gives you more control and a better overview of the metrics that matter to you and the individual rides that you take.

How do I use these new features?


First, you’ll need to make sure you download the latest version of the app in the “App Store” or “Google Play Store” (some phones will update apps automatically).

Second, go into the Fitness tab of the SmartHalo app and select “Past”. You can now see the number of rides you made that day. Select a specific date to see your individual rides that day.

Lastly, deleting rides will depend on your device OS

  • iOS: Swipe left to delete the ride or tap the Edit button in the upper right corner which enables ride deletion by clicking the minus sign that appears.
  • Android: Tap the red X next to the ride you would like to delete.   

smarthalo fitness
We hope you enjoy this update. Stay tuned for more updates – coming soon!

– The SmartHalo Team

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