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February 2017 Production Update

Hi fellow cyclists,   We’re almost there: we have received the first 48 units from the first production run. This was to find out any potential hurdles linked to mass production. We’re happy to report that we’ve cleared all minor challenges that were revealed and that we’re launching full production. So, as we announced in the […]

January 2017 Production Update

Hi everyone! We’d like to begin this update by wishing you the best for the new year. 2017 will be a big one for us and we consider ourselves lucky to have you, our backers, on board with us. We’ve been biking with SmartHalo units in the snow with fellow Montreal backers during the last […]

These Six Insane Bike Laws Will Make You Laugh (or Cry)

Every urban cyclist knows that bike laws don’t always make sense. From the distance cyclists should keep from the curb to whether or not they should ride on the sidewalk, municipalities are constantly trying to negotiate and re-negotiate the delicate relationship between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. Recent attempts by cities around the world to introduce […]

December Production Update

Hello, Time for some updates on what is most likely to be our last Production Update before we ship! Production Timeline During the first two weeks of December, we will be testing the production line with short production runs. This allows to fine tune the assembly of SmartHalo by the thousands and catch any potential […]

The Hearty Cyclist, a Winter Cycling Introduction

Winter cycling may be considered the espresso of biking. Much like espresso, it takes a little getting used but is more rewarding. It is more bitter, more demanding, and requires some special equipment. Winter biking will wake you up, increase your focus and make you more productive during the day. Unlike espresso, it is only […]

The Bicycle: A Tool for the Emancipation of Women

Although today in the West it seems natural for us to see women riding bicycles down the street, this hasn’t always been the case. Our ancestors fought for the right to ride. In 1896, American feminist activist Susan B. Anthony wrote that “[the bicycle] has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the […]

November Production Update

Folks, We have entered the final stretch of our journey and couldn’t be more excited. As we gear for production, we thought it would be a good idea to update you on SmartHalo’s progress. Casing All of the molds for our plastic components have been machined over the summer and we have been busy testing […]

An overview of innovative bike solutions in cities

Part of the problem with biking in big cities like Montreal is that these metropolises have usually been built with cars, rather than bikes, in mind. But there are several solutions that can be implemented to ensure that these two modes of transportation can live together in harmony, thereby avoiding frustration and accidents. Cars and […]

Production Update : Testing (part 3)

As you saw in Production Updates 1 and 2, we test the performance of SmartHalo each step of the way as we prepare for production. We test to find bugs, malfunctions, loopholes, etc. We do these tests to make sure SmartHalo is working correctly and as we expect it to. But we also need tests […]

Australians love their mountain biking

In Australia, mountain biking has been popular for a while. In the 1970s, mountain bikes for off-road use were introduced and in 1981, the first mass-produced mountain bike appeared, with a sturdy frame, wide tyres and a more upright seating position than traditional road bikes. Mountain biking (or « MTB » as aficionados often say) […]