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Production Update: Testing (part 2)

A few weeks ago, we published the first post of a series about testing. We talked about how we use functional tests to validate each of the products output on the assembly line. Today we return with the second part: software tests. We have a strong focus on testing here at SmartHalo, and by using various types of tests, […]

5 Quick Bike Safety Checks

SmartHalo is designed to make riding in the city safer and more enjoyable as well as enabling you to take your bike to new destinations. But in order to do this, your ride needs to be in good working order. A simple two-minute check is all it takes to make sure your bike is good […]

A window at cycling in Australia

We tend to picture Australians surfing rather than cycling. But believe it or not, they’re not too bad on two wheels! Let’s have a look at cycling in Australia. Cycling is gaining ground It would be a lie to say that Australians are all about cycling and that Sydney is like a Down Under version […]

August Production Update

After discussing with the whole team and considering the upcoming tasks, we decided that we needed more time before shipping SmartHalo. We realized we need to further test and tweak SmartHalo to make it as good as we promised. There have also been unexpected delays in production and with suppliers/manufacturers due to summertime vacations. Thus, […]

SmartHalo: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Hi guys, Claire speaking! I am the SmartHalo UX Test Designer, one of the lucky people who gets to test SmartHalo out on the streets! Recently, I went to visit my parents in Europe and I brought a prototype of the SmartHalo to test abroad. I discovered that it made a great travel companion so […]

Production Update: Testing (part 1)

As we are gearing up towards our launch, we have entered a critical phase of the product development: testing. As you can imagine, a connected device such as SmartHalo requires a bevy of components to work together: several finely assembled components on a circuit board (the hardware) interact with a mobile device (the software), all […]

4 perfect islands for your cycling vacations

Starting today, we will invite cyclist enthusiasts from around the world to post on our blog. Camille is the first one of them. You have started to plan your cycling vacations but are still hesitating about the destination? We know it’s a difficult choice as you can have fun on two wheels just about anywhere […]

June Production Update

Things are looking good on the production side. Here are a few bullet point updates on our overall progress: Hardware Our manufacturing partner has provided us a few pre-release PCB prototypes to test out and good news: they work well! This means we can apply the finishing touches needed for the final release candidate. Most […]

Meet the team – Part 2

This week, we are sharing our second and last part of the team update. If you missed the first part, here it is. As you can see, some of us are riding Moose Bicycle bikes. They have been gracefully sent to us by this Canadian bike company, you can check their bikes here. We’ll be […]

Meet the team – Part 1

Since we launched the Kickstarter campaign, our team has grown from 7 to 13 people. Who would have thought that it would be so quick? We feel like it is time for you to meet us all, to put some faces behind the product and to know more about what we do all day. We’ve […]