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Charging your SmartHalo

A quick update regarding the battery charging process of SmartHalo. A few have been asking questions concerning this recently so we feel like it’s a good time to clear this up. To charge your device, you just remove SmartHalo’s top part with your magic key, plug it in for 4 hours to fill the battery […]

SmartHalo’s Locking Mechanism

We’ve been mentioning our locking mechanism for a while now and today we can finally reveal more about it. This is a defining feature of SmartHalo so we’re thrilled to be able to show you this innovative system. The Challenge Unlike traditional bike accessories, SmartHalo has been designed to stay safely on your bike. We […]

Say goodbye to bike theft

Some cool news to share today regarding SmartHalo’s alarm system. We’ve had to log in some overtime to reach our goal with this feature so we’re happy to finally show you the results. Let’s recap quickly how our alarm works. SmartHalo is equipped with an accelerometer that detects movement. When you aren’t on your bike […]

LEDs talk about lights!

  Since we have a thorough approach to hardware design, we enlisted an advanced optic lab in Canada to lend us a hand: Optech. With experience in fiber optics, sensors, lenses and much more, these guys know how to bend light at their will. Let’s take a look at our lighting goals and how we […]

SmartHalo’s casing

Good news. After several iterations, we have finalized the designs of all of SmartHalo’s plastic components. Comprised of sturdy ABS plastic and tough metal, SmartHalo and its attachment system install on virtually any bike. This is easy to say but has been one of our biggest challenges. SmartHalo was designed to live at the center […]