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10 Original Gift Ideas for Cyclists

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to get your hands on that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. We’ve put together a list of some great options for all kinds of two wheeler enthusiasts.

ARTIFOX – $199

Calling all design lovers! This vertical bike rack adds a nice touch of decor to any room making it both functional and pleasant to look at. It’s perfect for any urbanite cyclist looking to make use of their decor and to display their passion.

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The world’s first smart bike helmet is here to improve cycling safety with an elegant fusion of design and engineering. Reclaim your confidence of riding with city traffic or poorly lit neighborhoods. This holiday season, Lumos wants to give you even more of a reason to put your safety first by offering 15% off with code LUMOSHALO15.

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Designed for biking to work, patrolling campus and getting caught in unexpected adventures. These Pannier BackPacks are perfect for commuters who are on the move and need to carry items with ease and comfort. Also, check out their Garment Panniers which are designed to carry your clothes wrinkle-free along with your other daily carrying needs. Did we mention they are water resistant?

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Fyxation’s leather beer caddy is the perfect companion for a night out on your bike. And if you’re a fan of other beverages, no worries: they’ve got you covered there as well. This is a great fun gift and conversation starter to add to any bike.

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Musguard is smart and elegant protection for riding on wet and muddy roads. Efficient, lightweight, completely removable and compact it features no mounts or extra parts to mess your bikes’ aesthetics.

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BITLOCK – $129

Even locking up your bike is getting easier thanks to the BitLock. Unlock your bike with your phone without even having to reach your pocket. Simply walk up to your bike and press a button on BitLock to lock/unlock in less than a second.

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Glint Reflective stickers are a great stylish addition to any and all night riders out there. One of the most important things for cyclists is to be seen. Glint helps others see cyclists riding to make it easier to share the road or bike path.

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If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to the traditional helmet, then Thousand Helmets got you covered. These trendy helmets will keep your fashion game strong all the while keeping you safe. There goes one excuse not to wear a helmet while riding.

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Glow at night with the powerful reflective abilities of the Proviz reflective jacket line. With a great selection, it isn’t hard to pick out that perfect style to keep you visible. This sportswear is also super versatile and can be used for any activity!

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This handy bike pump easily fits just about anywhere and can save you from ever being stranded on your two wheeler. Daily riders would benefit from coming prepared with this easy to use pump and patch kit.

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Oh come on… You really think we wouldn’t have recommend our own device? For real though, it makes for a truly awesome Christmas gift!

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New app release: Navigation updates

Greetings from Montreal!

We have just released a new version of the SmartHalo app and we’re really excited to share with you various improvements we’ve made to a core part of the SmartHalo experience: Navigation.

Navigation, either to discover your city or to get around, is a huge part of how you use SmartHalo. The new improvements we are announcing today should make your experience even more enjoyable:

Better search

This one’s a game changer: we now use Google Search and it is a-MA-zing. Just try searching for anything you can think of. Odds are, you’ll now find it.

Google Maps Tiles and Points of Interests

We now use the beautiful Google Map tiles for our map display, which means you’ll feel right at home if you use Google Maps regularly (we know you do 🙃 ). When zooming in, you’ll now see that favorite restaurant of yours or that new bistro that just opened a few months ago. Simply tap on these places and SmartHalo will plot a course to that destination. Pretty neat, right?

Improved Directions

We now have an improved directions algorithm. We’re constantly improving it, but it should now provide much better paths than before. This being said, we know that there can’t always be one best path that fits every use case… so yes, we are working on providing alternative paths. Expect them in an upcoming release!

Better Favourites Management

New in iOS: you can now see your favorites on the map (and you can tap on them to plot a course). You can also delete them using the “+” menu in the navigation screen. Don’t worry if you’re an Android user, it’s been in your app for a while!


We truly hope you will enjoy this new release as much as we do.

As always, keep providing us with your precious feedback, as we are constantly working to improve SmartHalo. Remember, this started as a humble Kickstarter project, we know there is room for improvement. With your help, we believe we can become the best smart biking device there is!

SmartHalo Entering Apple Stores

Hi fellow cyclists,

We have a big announcement today: SmartHalo will be sold in Apple stores in North America.

What started out as an idea 3 years ago will now be sold in one of the most prestigious tech stores around the world. This is great for many reasons:

  • This is going to make the product even better. We are a feedback-driven company. As more and more cyclists get their hands on SmartHalo, we will gather more valuable insights on how we can continually improve the software and firmware that drives SmartHalo. We even received some precious tips from Apple on how to improve the experience.
  • This exposes SmartHalo to a whole new crowd. Lots of cyclists don’t know about SmartHalo yet. This will provide a new venue for those people to discover us as it will be sold in Apple stores and on Apple’s online store. In the end, if more people with more SmartHalo devices on their bikes can also convince more people to bike safer, we all win.
  • Apple has pretty high standards for the products it sells in its stores. Being considered as a device worthy of selling next to iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Apple Watches is an honour we couldn’t be more proud of.

As we let that sink in, we want to take a moment to thank all of our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers who have helped us turn our vision into a product thousands of people use to make their bike rides safer and more fun.

This adventure has led us to many new places since its modest beginnings. We have learned so much during this journey and have yet much to learn. Going from web sales to retail is a new milestone in SmartHalo’s history.

We’re happy to have you along for the ride.


-The SmartHalo Team

New Feature: Compass mode

Right off the heels of last week’s App release that included Navigation and Bluetooth improvements, we’re happy to share another cool feature this week: Compass mode!

Compass mode is for when only the destination matters. Once active, SmartHalo simply points you towards your destination instead of giving precise turn-by-turn directions. How you get there is entirely up to you. As you get closer to your destination, the pointer progressively turns greener.  

To turn compass mode on, simply tap on the gear icon in the navigation tab. Use that same menu to flip back to turn-by-turn. You can even switch mid-ride. We’ve already found some new paths we would’ve never had even taken otherwise using Compass mode. We hope this feature will help you rediscover your city as well!

Improved Fitness Tracking Start Mechanism

This release also includes a fitness tracking refinement. From now on, if you walk besides your bike, fitness tracking won’t track it; it only starts when you actually start riding fast enough. It’ll also filter out the end of your ride if you walk a few meters. No more low average speeds!

Make sure you have the latest release by updating your app to the latest version. Have a fun ride! 

-The SmartHalo Team

New App Release: Improved Navigation and Bluetooth

The beauty with connected devices is that we can always update the software and firmware on your phones and devices to improve your riding experience. We’re constantly working to improve the way SmartHalo works based on your feedback. Here’s what’s new in version 1.4.2 (iOS) and 1.4.0 (Android) of the app, available now on both iOS and Android.

Improved Turn-by-turn animations

We’ve added new patterns to SmartHalo’s light circle which helps it show more sophisticated instructions.

Quick turns

When there are quick turns in succession, SmartHalo will queue the turn signals to make sure you don’t miss the second turn. This helps navigation tremendously, as you are aware of next upcoming turn when they are close to each other. The second turn is the smallest one; once you complete the first turn, the second turn turns into a regular turn.


Roundabouts are pretty common in Europe. It turns out that having a circular interface is pretty handy when needing to display which exit to take. When arriving at a roundabout, SmartHalo simply mimics the roundabout and its multiple exits. Simply take the exit in green!

Improved bluetooth connection

Some users have reported having some funky Bluetooth connectivity between their phones and SmartHalo. We’re continuously working on improving this and this version brings a slew of improvements on this front.

On both iOS and Android, users will see that connections are faster and more reliable than before. Also, disconnections happen way less so you shouldn’t have any issues while riding.


As always, keep giving us feedback so we can continuously improve SmartHalo! We have a pretty cool feature coming for next release, stay tuned.



Latest Shipping Update

Hi Everyone!

We are happy to announce that all Kickstarter units have been shipped!

SmartHalo units shipping

Now we will now be moving on to website pre-orders (Yay, it’s your turn!). These units will be fulfilled throughout the month of August & September. If you ordered from our website recently, you can expect your items to ship in the first week of October. That being said, check your email from time to time as your tracking number will appear there shortly.

We sincerely understand your frustration for having to wait to receive your SmartHalo. We are as emotionally involved as you are in this process and want you to know that our focus has always been on making sure that it’s a quality product that ends up in your hands.

For those of you who have already received your device, we are so happy to be receiving your important comments and feedback.

We encourage everyone to join our community by:

This is it, we’re shipping!

SmartHalo is shipping!

SmartHalo’s wildly successful crowdfunding campaign is now ready for delivery. Units are coming out of the factory as we speak and today, we’re shipping the first units to our Kickstarter, Indiegogo and pre-order backers. As production ramps up, units will be shipped throughout the world (in over 72 countries, to be exact).

Fulfilling such a massive number of units means they will be produced in batches – and they are already filling up quickly. If you haven’t ordered yet and want to bike with a SmartHalo before winter now is just about the best time to do so.  

To celebrate our worldwide launch, here’s our new video!

Happy biking! 🙂

-The SmartHalo Team <3

Feature Roadmap: Summer 2017

As cyclists all over the world receive their SmartHalo devices, we are hard at work gathering user feedback, improving the overall experience and developing new features. The beauty of connected devices such as SmartHalo is they can be continuously improved. Here’s a roadmap for the next few months to give you an idea on how your SmartHalo experience will evolve.

Bluetooth improvements

The difference between SmartHalo and other bike accessories is that it detects you as soon as you hop on your bike, by detecting your phone (and its app opened in the background) via Bluetooth. This being said, we are aware that on some phones, this connection isn’t happening each time now. We’re currently investigating ways to improve this, as it is one of our main priorities. The challenge behind this is that each phone OS and Bluetooth chips behave somewhat differently, but we’ll figure out ways to improve it during the summer. 

Navigation improvements

We’re constantly improving our navigation feature: we want to build the best navigation system for bikes in the world. A big part of summer will be spent improving the following:  

Flexible routing options

One feature that’s being requested a lot is to show multiple paths to destination – we’re fully onboard with the idea and we’re working on it. We also want to make those paths better, by taking into account things that matter while riding, like elevation and road safety.

We’ll also release the ability to add and edit waypoints to your trips, which means you’ll be able to create trips with more than one destination.

Finally, we’re working on adding GPX support to your trips since it’s a feature a lot of people request. This will allow you to import GPX files created in any mapping app in the SmartHalo app and ride on that path.

Compass mode

When only the destination counts, you’ll be able to switch to compass mode. In this navigation mode, SmartHalo only points towards your destination it doesn’t tell you which road to take.

This feature has required a bit more work on our end. We are currently testing in house and the feature should be ready before the end of summer.

Clearer turn signals

We’ve recently improved visibility of turn signals by making them wider and brighter.

In addition, we’re improving the way SmartHalo displays turn signals. For starters, right now, SmartHalo only displays one turn at a time. The drawback is that when you have to take two successive turns, sometimes the second turn displays too late. In an upcoming update, SmartHalo can show that a turn is coming right after a first one.

We’re also adding a cool new animation for roundabouts (hello European friends!).

Bike finder on iOS

Finally, we’re adding the parked bike location reminder on iOS (sorry for the delay!). Just tap the bike icon when disconnected to get a pin to the last known location of your bike.

Alarm improvements

We’ve had great feedback regarding SmartHalo’s alarm. Some people also said it was maybe… too good.

Indeed, when parking your bike in public areas such as bike racks where there is a lot of coming and going, the current alarm sensitivity might be too high. We’re adding a second sensitivity option in the app for these cases. You’ll be able to easily switch between modes as you see fit. You’ll also be able to see how often your alarm went off since your last connection. 

How do you upgrade SmartHalo?

There are two ways to upgrade the SmartHalo experience: Device Firmware Updates and App updates.

Device Firmware Updates pushes new code to SmartHalo’s brains. When one is available, it shows up in right hand menu of the SmartHalo app. Just follow the instructions on screen and it’ll update, it’s real simple.

The second way SmartHalo will improve is with App updates. Once in a while, the app on your phone will receive an update – either automatically or manually (most of you probably have app updates set to auto, which is what we recommend). Each time the app is updated, you will find what has changed in the update description.

In any case, if you need help updating SmartHalo, you can always visit

Needless to say, we’re really excited to be working on these new features and can’t wait to share them with you when they’re ready to go. As always, keep the feedback incoming, this is what allows us to create a product you’ll love.

-The SmartHalo Team

Feature Spotlight: Light

Following our spotlight on Navigation, here’s a quick update showing how SmartHalo’s smart light works.


Car drivers don’t remove their headlights when they arrive at destination… Why should cyclists?

If bikes are to be a reliable means of transportation to navigate cities, cyclists should be equipped with a reliable light. Yet, most are still equipped with rubbish clip-on lights that get stolen if left on the bike. This means you need to remove them after each ride, which can lead to you forgetting to put them back on. Which means you pedal in the dark.

Oh, and if you do remember to use them or leave them permanently on your bike, you might be distracted and forget to turn them off when you’ve reached your destination. Hello depleted batteries.

We’ve solved all of these annoyances with SmartHalo. How?

It’s always there for you.

SmartHalo remains on your bike thanks to it’s anti-theft locking mechanism. It’s there ready for you.

It’s smart.

When the Smart Light setting is turned on in the app, SmartHalo turns on the front light on its own as soon as the sun sets. When you stop biking, it’ll turn off on it’s own as well. You don’t even need to think about it.

Want to turn the light on or off manually? Easy: just tap twice on SmartHalo’s top surface.

Oh and even if you turned it on manually, it’ll still shut down on it’s on when there’s no movement. It’s that clever.

It’s bright

SmartHalo’s has two ultra bright LEDs that are seen from up to 750 meters away. As with any bike light, there is also a blinking mode to make sure you’re seen when riding at night.


Once you get used to SmartHalo’s front light, there’s no going back. We believe these improvements will not only make you ride safer at night, but they’ll make you love your bike even more.