16 May, 2017

Feature Spotlight: Light

Following our spotlight on Navigation, here’s a quick update showing how SmartHalo’s smart light works.


Car drivers don’t remove their headlights when they arrive at destination… Why should cyclists?

If bikes are to be a reliable means of transportation to navigate cities, cyclists should be equipped with a reliable light. Yet, most are still equipped with rubbish clip-on lights that get stolen if left on the bike. This means you need to remove them after each ride, which can lead to you forgetting to put them back on. Which means you pedal in the dark.

Oh, and if you do remember to use them or leave them permanently on your bike, you might be distracted and forget to turn them off when you’ve reached your destination. Hello depleted batteries.

We’ve solved all of these annoyances with SmartHalo. How?

It’s always there for you.

SmartHalo remains on your bike thanks to it’s anti-theft locking mechanism. It’s there ready for you.

It’s smart.

When the Smart Light setting is turned on in the app, SmartHalo turns on the front light on its own as soon as the sun sets. When you stop biking, it’ll turn off on it’s own as well. You don’t even need to think about it.

Want to turn the light on or off manually? Easy: just tap twice on SmartHalo’s top surface.

Oh and even if you turned it on manually, it’ll still shut down on it’s on when there’s no movement. It’s that clever.

It’s bright

SmartHalo’s has two ultra bright LEDs that are seen from up to 750 meters away. As with any bike light, there is also a blinking mode to make sure you’re seen when riding at night.


Once you get used to SmartHalo’s front light, there’s no going back. We believe these improvements will not only make you ride safer at night, but they’ll make you love your bike even more.

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