21 March, 2017

Feature Spotlight: Navigation

One of the cornerstones of SmartHalo, the Navigation feature makes sure you get to your destination the safest way possible: not only will it make you take bike paths when available, but it’s minimalist interface makes sure you can keep your focus on the road.


Before a Trip: In The App

The first step in setting up a trip is to set your destination in the Navigation tab of the app. Anyone who’s ever used a mapping app will feel right at home.

You can use the search engine to search for addresses or places (a restaurant’s name for example) or you can long press anywhere on the map. Once you’ve selected a destination, the app will automatically show you the best path to destination (FYI, we’re currently working on offering more than one path and the possibility of adding waypoints!). You can also view the distance to your destination and the estimated time to arrival. As with other mapping apps, you can add places to your favorites, or define them as your home or work.

Once you’re set, you can press that seducing “play” button to get going! You can then tuck your phone safely in your pocket: SmartHalo will take it from there.

During a Trip: On SmartHalo

There are two navigation modes included with SmartHalo. The default mode is turn-by-turn: this will show you each turn to take to reach your destination the best way possible. For the more adventurous: there is compass mode. With this mode active, SmartHalo will always point towards your destination, how you get there is up to you.

The Turn-by-turn Signals

Turn distance

SmartHalo’s interface is as intuitive as it gets. When you’re a few meters from your turn, SmartHalo will emit a sound, letting you know you have a turn coming up.  A segment of the circular ring will light up in white pointing towards your turn. Then, as you get closer to the turn, you’ll see it fade to green. Once you’re at the turn, it blinks, letting you know you should be turning.

Turn angle

SmartHalo’s turn signals are pretty easy to understand: they basically mimic the angle of the upcoming turn, right on your handlebar. Once you complete the turn, they disappear.


Some construction work is blocking a suggested path? Or you just don’t feel like taking a turn SmartHalo is suggesting? No worries, once you skip a turn, it’ll reroute you in real time and compute a new path automatically.

Use caution

Some paths sometimes need to be taken with caution. These might include opposite one way streets you have to take for a few meters or pedestrian paths. We recommend you step off your bike for these segments.

Arrived at destination

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, SmartHalo will blink in green.

Compass mode

In compass mode, just let the pointer guide you to your destination. The closer you get, the greener it becomes.

Find your bike

Having one of those days when you seem to forget everything, including where you parked your bike? Luckily, SmartHalo’s app will always remind you of your bike’s last known location.


That’s it for navigation! In the next blog post, we’ll show you how SmartHalo’s smart light works.

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