28 February, 2017

It’s happening

Hey guys,

Since the plan was to start shipping before the end of the month, and that today is the 28th, we felt we owed you a quick update!

Here we go – bullet point style:

  • Production is underway, and we have 500 PCBs (electronic circuit boards) manufactured;
  • We are now integrating these boards to plastic cases, adding the lock mechanism and closing these cases;
  • The method is working as expected, now we’re focusing on ramping it up as quickly as possible;
  • We will imminently be receiving boxes of SmartHalo at the office, and these will be transferred right away to our fulfillment partner;
  • Quick reminder: the production is out of Montreal’s south shore, about 20km from our offices;
  • Production will scale up in the next few days and weeks, and bigger production batches will be launched;
  • The SmartHalo app will go live on both the App Store and the Google Play Store as soon as we ship our first devices;
  • You will receive a tracking number once your unit leaves.

All that to say that we are a few days off schedule, but really wanted to communicate to you that things are moving!

Our goal is to have completed the fulfillment of all of our Kickstarter rewards and pre-sale orders by mid-April. As soon as we have exact details on the production volume that will follow the first batch, we’ll update you on the schedule.

We’re right there guys – it’s happening!

Curious about the SmartHalo collection?