14 August, 2019

Production Update: Hardware


Main Enclosure

The main enclosure is in the final stages of design and being tweaked for mass-production (DFM), as sometimes a few touch-ups need to be made to be compatible with the molding process. We’ve designed it to be water resistant and sturdy: it’ll handle cities as much as trails. 

A high-fidelity machined prototype (that’s what explains the funky colours) to test water resistance and material resistance.

Anti-Theft Mount

The Anti-theft mount’s design has definitely been a challenge. The goals behind it would give gray hairs to any product designer: to be theft-proof yet easily removable with your custom key in a matter of seconds (but way smaller than a lock). We also wanted to improve the first version of the locking mechanism and brackets drastically, as it was feedback we had received from our users. 

The new system still uses custom magnet patterns to lock and unlock your SmartHalo, but there are less moving parts and the magnets are stronger which results in a more reliable locking system. Unlike the mount for SmartHalo 1 which consisted of two separate brackets that sometimes made it difficult to align, there is now only one unit that attaches to your handlebar. Furthermore, it is now made of glass fiber reinforced nylon which is known for its toughness and stiffness (to give you an idea: it’s used for industrial drills). 

To unlock your device, you simply insert your key underneath SmartHalo 2 and rotate the device. Unlike SmartHalo 1, you don’t need your key to put SmartHalo 2 back on the Anti-theft mount: it’ll simply snap into place. 

Finally, we wanted to reduce the initial install time: at 10-15 minutes, it was a bit too long for our taste (and for our users). We’re happy to report it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes now. We also reduced the number of small parts needed for the mount, going from 18 to… 7. Hurray for simplicity!

HaloKey Design

We’ve refined the HaloKey’s design: it is slimmer and sturdier than before. Its styling was meant to have people ask about it when it’s on your key fob, as it doesn’t look like much else out there. 

Quarter Lock Adapter

Our quarter lock adapter’s design is complete. It allows you to use SmartHalo on any Quarter Lock Mount out there. For those unfamiliar with Quarter Lock Mounts, it’s those circular mounts that are widely used by road cyclists with their bike computers. They come in many shapes, which makes them really versatile. However, since Quarter Lock Mounts don’t have a locking mechanism such as our standard Anti-Theft Mount, we don’t recommend relying exclusively on the alarm, unless it’s only for a quick in-and-out or when you’re not too far from your bike and want to rest easy.

To use SmartHalo 2 with a Quarter Lock Mount, you simply insert the adapter underneath your device and you’re good to go. 

Some backers have asked us if we’ll sell our own branded Quarter Lock Mounts: we are looking into it. 

The fulfilment survey is coming soon

In a few weeks we’ll send you a fulfilment survey. 

For those who are not familiar with the proceedings after a successful Kickstarter project, this is how it works: now that the campaign is over, we’ll send you an email in the following weeks with a link to a fulfilment survey. The main goal is to collect your contact information to insure your SmartHalo 2 is smoothly delivered to you. 

In the survey you will be asked to tell us where you want your SmartHalo to be shipped. It will also allow you to shop add-ons like another SmartHalo or accessories we may offer (at Kickstarter prices of course).

We’ll send the survey through a service called BackerKit which will also allow you to update your shipment address if necessary in the time between you fill it and the time we fulfill your order.

We’ll be sending another update just before we send out the surveys with more details about the procedure.

You know interested people who missed the campaign?

We’ve partnered with Indiegogo,to stay available for those who missed the campaign and to reach backers from their platform. The price is obviously higher since it’s past the Kickstarter campaign and closer to the release, but we think it’s still a very good deal. Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested in SmartHalo 2! 

Stay tuned for a future update on the tech inside SmartHalo 2. Until then, happy cycling! 

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