Shipping Status Update

Quick update to fill you in on the shipping progress. A full pallet of SmartHalo just left our office today, which brings us at 50% of Kickstarter units shipped. Production is a bit slower than anticipated so the original schedule will be off by just a few weeks. By the end of May, all Kickstarter backers should have received their devices. By mid to late-June all pre-orders should have received their device. By the end of June all orders should be delivered. We know you’re eager to receive your devices, we are doing everything we can to ship units as fast as we can and maintain a high standard of quality. Thank you for your continued patience!


We are working hard to get units out! We call these “Pack Parties”.


Once you receive your device

When you receive your unit, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us! It’s backer input that will help upgrade the product over time to make it even better. We also have some tips to share:


  • All installation instructions are in the app, please make sure you follow them as some components could be damaged if you don’t!
  • It can take a few tries to get used to our unique locking mechanism and our magnetic HaloKey; Usually, locking and unlocking the device a few times helps smooth the mechanism.
  • Updating your device: you’ll notice that you can update the device’s firmware when you receive it (you access it by tapping on the upper right SmartHalo icon). This is to add new features to your SmartHalo and takes only a minute or so. You can just follow the instructions in the app.
  • You’ll notice we update the app regularly as well to fix glitches or improve features, so make sure you activate automatic updates on your phone. We will publish a roadmap of feature releases in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we can tell you that we are working on adding the “as the crow flies mode”, the Bike finder on iOS, as well as improving navigation (Waypoints, multiple paths, adding GPX, improving the search engine and turn signal detection) and fitness (Strava integration).
  • You can go to for support. If you don’t find answers to your questions, you can write us at
  • If you enjoy your SmartHalo, please share your experience with your friends! It’ll help us spread the word 🙂
  • And If you don’t, write us an email! We want you to enjoy SmartHalo and will do anything we can to help you.


-The SmartHalo Team