25 April, 2016

SmartHalo’s Locking Mechanism

We’ve been mentioning our locking mechanism for a while now and today we can finally reveal more about it. This is a defining feature of SmartHalo so we’re thrilled to be able to show you this innovative system.

Locking mechanism
SmartHalo and its key

The Challenge

Unlike traditional bike accessories, SmartHalo has been designed to stay safely on your bike. We disliked the idea of accessories you have to take off after each ride and felt like SmartHalo had to be part of your bike. A car driver doesn’t remove its headlights or dashboard after each ride, so why should cyclists have to do it?

Unfortunately, as you all know, bike and accessory theft is a real scourge, especially in urban environments. Several bike accessory companies have tackled this problem by securing their products with tamper proof screws. And you know what? This solution works.

…But we don’t settle for solutions that just work.

The issue with tamper-proof screws is that once in a while, you need to remove your device to charge it. Even though SmartHalo has been designed to last a while between charges (up to three weeks of one hour per day trips), it would’ve been a nuisance to have to unscrew your device each time it needed a charge. It’s a somewhat awkward procedure: it takes more time than you’d like, screws can fall off, and doing it often creates pressure on the screw holes. SmartHalo is centered on simplicity, so we felt that this clashed too much with our global minimalist approach.

Our solution

After countless iterations, we ended up with a solution that works like magic. See for yourself:

Not sure what you just saw? Let’s recap: to remove SmartHalo from your handlebar to charge it, you just align your unique key on the device’s right side and voilà: it unlocks (the base always stays on your handlebar). To put it back on, stick the key on the side, and you clip the top part back on. Without the key, SmartHalo is virtually unstealable. With it, it takes literally two seconds to remove… Isn’t that awesome?

How does it work? Without going into too much detail, it relies on a system of surgically positioned magnets and pivots, giving each key its own signature. To make it more convenient, we’ve added a loop for you to add the key to your key fob.

A fully anti-theft solution

We think that this solution, combined with SmartHalo’s alarm system, truly protects bikes against the all too common bike theft problem. It’s a tough issue to tackle which is why we added three security layers to the product:

  • Our locking mechanism we just showed you that locks the device to your bike
  • Our alarm system that prevents any tampering with SmartHalo and protects your bike
  • Finally, should some kind of wizard find a way to steal your device (we highly doubt it), know that SmartHalo responds only to your phone; it’ll be completely useless to anyone else.

We hope you’re as stoked as we are regarding our anti-theft system. The next update will be about how to charge SmartHalo, so stay in touch!



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