01 December, 2017

New app release: Navigation updates

Greetings from Montreal!

We have just released a new version of the SmartHalo app and we’re really excited to share with you various improvements we’ve made to a core part of the SmartHalo experience: Navigation.

Navigation, either to discover your city or to get around, is a huge part of how you use SmartHalo. The new improvements we are announcing today should make your experience even more enjoyable:

Better search

This one’s a game changer: we now use Google Search and it is a-MA-zing. Just try searching for anything you can think of. Odds are, you’ll now find it.

Google Maps Tiles and Points of Interests

We now use the beautiful Google Map tiles for our map display, which means you’ll feel right at home if you use Google Maps regularly (we know you do 🙃 ). When zooming in, you’ll now see that favorite restaurant of yours or that new bistro that just opened a few months ago. Simply tap on these places and SmartHalo will plot a course to that destination. Pretty neat, right?

Improved Directions

We now have an improved directions algorithm. We’re constantly improving it, but it should now provide much better paths than before. This being said, we know that there can’t always be one best path that fits every use case… so yes, we are working on providing alternative paths. Expect them in an upcoming release!

Better Favourites Management

New in iOS: you can now see your favorites on the map (and you can tap on them to plot a course). You can also delete them using the “+” menu in the navigation screen. Don’t worry if you’re an Android user, it’s been in your app for a while!


We truly hope you will enjoy this new release as much as we do.

As always, keep providing us with your precious feedback, as we are constantly working to improve SmartHalo. Remember, this started as a humble Kickstarter project, we know there is room for improvement. With your help, we believe we can become the best smart biking device there is!

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