12 September, 2017

New Feature: Compass mode

Right off the heels of last week’s App release that included Navigation and Bluetooth improvements, we’re happy to share another cool feature this week: Compass mode!

Compass mode is for when only the destination matters. Once active, SmartHalo simply points you towards your destination instead of giving precise turn-by-turn directions. How you get there is entirely up to you. As you get closer to your destination, the pointer progressively turns greener.  

To turn compass mode on, simply tap on the gear icon in the navigation tab. Use that same menu to flip back to turn-by-turn. You can even switch mid-ride. We’ve already found some new paths we would’ve never had even taken otherwise using Compass mode. We hope this feature will help you rediscover your city as well!

Improved Fitness Tracking Start Mechanism

This release also includes a fitness tracking refinement. From now on, if you walk besides your bike, fitness tracking won’t track it; it only starts when you actually start riding fast enough. It’ll also filter out the end of your ride if you walk a few meters. No more low average speeds!

Make sure you have the latest release by updating your app to the latest version. Have a fun ride! 

-The SmartHalo Team

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