4 perfect islands for your cycling vacations

Starting today, we will invite cyclist enthusiasts from around the world to post on our blog. Camille is the first one of them.

You have started to plan your cycling vacations but are still hesitating about the destination? We know it’s a difficult choice as you can have fun on two wheels just about anywhere in the world. Islands seem to offer particularly great conditions for biking enthusiasts that want to travel at the same time. Here are four of them we can’t wait to use our wheels on!

Living the dolce vita in Sicily

Italy is one of the most popular touristic destinations around the world for a reason: wonderful weather, excellent food, thousands of years of culture… and of course magnificent landscapes.

In the south of the country, you’ll find Sicily: the island at the tip of the famous ‘’Italian boot’’! It’s home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it’s the mafia’s birth place, and one of the best places for your cycling vacations in Europe.

The numerous roads on the island connect several archeological sites, castles and coastal towns (the biggest of which are Palermo, Catania and Messina).

It’s always better to avoid peak season while traveling in Italy, both because of the affluence of visitors and because of the heat. Crowded or not, you’ll surely appreciate the hills, volcanoes and gorgeous cities of Sicily. Oh, and you’ll eat well.

Lofoten Islands: your cycling vacations through fishermen villages

The Lofoten Islands, located in Norway, look like a group of fishermen villages straight out of postal cards. They are full of cycling routes, and if you don’t like the idea of biking through long tunnels on the side of the mountain (which sound like quite an adventure), there are alternate routes exclusively for cyclists (cycle paths or ferries).

Even though the scenery is dramatic, most of the cycling roads are generally flat, following the coastline. The islands are connected together by bridges and underwater tunnels.

Since the Lofoten Archipel enjoys 24-hr daylight in the summer, they decide to hold an Insomnia Cycling Race once a year. Check it out if you plan on visiting the islands during midsummer and get ready to sleep in cozy fishermen cabins!

Île de Ré: relaxed cycling vacations

The completely flat Île de Ré is located on the west coast of France and is a well-known destination for bicycle tourism. No need to fear bringing a neophyte: the roads are so easy to travel that lots of residents decide to run their errands by bike and just forget about cars.

Since the population goes from 20.000 residents during winter to 200.000 in the summer, you can bet there are camping grounds and hotels scattered all over the island. There are also loads of restaurants, ice-cream parlors and sweet meet up places to watch sunset in Saint-Martin. It’s a stress-free destination!

The car-free mornings of Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park will welcome you for your cycling vacations.

Acadia National Park – Bubble Pond, photo credit: William Brawley

This destination highlights a good idea that we’d love to see applied elsewhere. A few times a year, Acadia National Park (Maine, USA) holds “car-free mornings” on its Park Loop Road. Those mornings allow cyclists to ride in the beautiful scenery of Mount Desert Island, without worrying about sharing the paved road with automobilists.

That comes in addition to the carriage roads, always closed to motor vehicles, allowing everyone to take their time while discovering one of the most eastern points in the US.

We would take more of that everywhere! The next car-free morning is on September 17th 2016; you can check Friends of Acadia’s website to know more about any upcoming events.


Cycling vacations are undoubtedly fun. You get to discover new places at your pace, connecting with unique atmospheres and people along the way. We wish you great bike adventures, either around the world… or just around the corner.

Featured image : Sicily, photo credit: Scott Wylie

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