18 March, 2020

Production Update: Timeline Update

Dear backers, 

Since we published our last update announcing delays linked to COVID-19, the disease has spread worldwide, reaching the status of pandemic. As governments around the world are taking steps to address this situation, SmartHalo has also defined likeminded policies: forced remote work until further notice, paid leave for anyone feeling ill, avoiding travel from all employees at all costs, and setting remote conference calls for meetings. 

As always, we’ll try to reduce the impact on production as much as possible and above all, we want to make sure everybody involved in the creation of SmartHalo 2 stays safe, whether they are here in Montreal or abroad on the assembly lines. We encourage every other startup and company out there to do the same.

With this being said, we now have a bit more information regarding the timelines for production. Things are slowly picking up in China: most of our partners are at least 50% staffed. However, a lot of backlog has piled up in the last weeks, which pushes back every step of our logistics chain. Taking these variables into consideration, our partners are now able to give us realistic milestones (barring any other outbreak or quarantine), which helps us determine a delivery date. As of today, we’re looking to start shipping units in early July. We’re obviously just as disappointed as you are by this turn of events – we thank you for understanding this is out of our control. 

Driving PeekDisplay

In alpha testing news, we’re happy to say the firmware team is successfully driving the OLED display in the center of the Halo (we call it the PeekDisplay, as it allows you to get more information with a quick peek!). We can generate any font or graphic on it, which is a crucial step towards improving every core feature with PeekDisplay. 

Turn in 50 meters on Beaubien avenue. Having the street name greatly improves navigating! 

As a first step, we’re now riding the streets with a fully decked Navigation feature: the Halo points in the direction of the turn you need to take, while the PeekDisplay shows you how far you are from the turn and the name of the street you have to take. This little bit of additional information helps make Navigation more reliable than ever before. Of course, should you choose to skip a turn, SmartHalo 2 will redirect you in realtime. 

You’ve arrived at SmartHalo HQ! Unfortunately, we’re all working from home… 

Also new is that when you reach your destination, the address or name of your destination will show up on PeekDisplay. This means you don’t need to take your phone out again to get a reminder of where exactly you were headed. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited! 

As always, feel free to ask any question. 

Stay safe fellow cyclists!

-The SmartHalo team <3

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