29 October, 2019

Scam Alert – Fraudulent SmartHalo 2 Seller (Updated)

It’s been brought to our attention that fraudulent websites are trying to sell SmartHalo 2 at a discounted price.

BEWARE! We’re the only ones selling SmartHalo 2 on our official website and the only ones to advertise about it on social medias.

We are trying to shut down this malicious practice as much as possible.

*** You can help people to not get scammed! ***


Report the Website to Paypal

The best way to report these sites is to let their payment solution know about the potential fraud as soon as possible. In this case, PayPal is used to take payments on these fraudulent websites. 

Here is how to report them. 

  1. Copy the link of the fake SmartHalo 2 product page you are being sent to; 
  2. Copy-paste this text in an email: 


I came across this website that is using PayPal to take payments: [link]

I know for sure that it is stealing content from SmartHalo’s crowdfunding pages on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and that it’s violating SmartHalo’s trademarks. 

This product is not available yet and the cost will be 3x higher than what is advertised on this website. Therefore it is a 100% certain that this website is a fraud and PayPal should restrain it from taking payments for this product. 


[Your name]

  1. Send to PayPal fraud department: spoof@paypal.com

If you already purchased on one of those scam sites.

We really recommend to contact Paypal and make a claim to get refunded.

You can learn more on Paypal buyer protection here:

If Paypal doesn’t want to reimburse you, we advise you to contact your financial institution linked with your Paypal account.

If you receive anything from them, please take a picture of the product and the box (so that we can have the shipping information of the sender) and send them to support@smarthalo.bike.

Report a fraudulent on Facebook/Instagram Ad

Report to the platform as a fraudulent content (click on the three dots top right) & spread awareness by commenting if you can.

Send us the link

Thank you so much for helping keep people safe.

The SmartHalo team 🚲

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