18 August, 2016

SmartHalo’s casing

Good news. After several iterations, we have finalized the designs of all of SmartHalo’s plastic components. Comprised of sturdy ABS plastic and tough metal, SmartHalo and its attachment system install on virtually any bike. This is easy to say but has been one of our biggest challenges.

SmartHalo's many iterations
SmartHalo’s many iterations

SmartHalo was designed to live at the center of your handlebar. For us, it was an obvious choice: with its perfectly symmetrical luminous halo, it made sense to be in the middle of your bike’s handlebar. It also served to make a statement: this isn’t just another bike accessory; SmartHalo is part of your bike. You don’t remove it after each ride like traditional accessories, it’s meant to live there, always ready when you are.

Let’s take a look at our design goals to better understand how hard it was to accomplish this.

It has to fit any handlebar.

Bike handlebars come in many different sizes ranging from 22,2mm to 31,8mm. This means an attachment system for bikes must accommodate these standard sizes and everything in between. So far, so good: our handlebar clips can fit on all sizes thanks to ultra slick rubber inserts.

SmartHalo handlebars
SmartHalo on two different handlebars

It has to sit above any stem.

There are no standard stem shapes or sizes. This… This is a real pain in the butt. To overcome this, we have created a spacer system for those ultra thick stems. We’ve also made sure our two clips were wide enough to accommodate almost any stem.

SmartHalo's attachement system
SmartHalo’s attachement system

It has to look good.

You’ve already seen it: subtle when turned off yet elegant when it’s light halo comes to life. No wonder FastCompany called it “a slick ambient UI looks dead simple on its surface, which is precisely how a navigation tool should be.” Oh and also, there are no visible fixture screws on SmartHalo once it’s installed and we’re really proud of it.

It has to be theft proof, solid and weather proof.

Bike accessory theft is as common as poutine eating here in Montreal. To solve this, we’ve created a custom anti-theft attachment system that can only be unlocked with a custom key that ships with the product. We’ve also made our casings’ walls super thick for high impact resistance and made sure it is water resistant.

…Yet easy to remove.

Our battery lasts really long. But once in a while, you will need to remove SmartHalo from your handlebar to charge it. Most anti-theft bike products use anti-theft screws to be secured on the bike. It has become the functional and accepted solution on the market. It would’ve worked for SmartHalo, sure, but for us, having to unscrew to charge was too bothersome. So we went the extra mile and can’t wait to unveil our unique lock mechanism.

These components’ plastic moulds are leaving for production in the upcoming weeks. There are but two key components that have been held up a bit: the locking mechanism and our halo’s translucent surface. We’ll reveal more about those soon: we promise the wait will be worth it.


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