12 November, 2018

It’s Here: Strava Integration with SmartHalo!

We’ve been cooking up this one for a little while now and we are excited to share it with you.

Introducing Strava Integration!

You spoke and we listened. Users with a Strava account will now have the ability to send ride data from SmartHalo to Strava. This is the first step to integrating the SmartHalo app with Strava, so look for continuous improvements to the Strava integration.

If you do not have a Strava account you can set one up if you wish to track & share every aspect of your cycling activity in a whole new way. Strava is a leading fitness app that creates a community for those looking to visualize their daily physical activity.

SmartHalo makes Strava even better because it tracks all your rides automatically via the fitness feature, unlike with the Strava app alone. You don’t need to think about it, just ride! This makes it easy to share your biking life with your Strava community (but only if you want to!).  

smarthalo fitness app

How to link your Strava account

First, you’ll need to make sure you download the latest version of the SmartHalo app in the App Store or the Google Play Store (some phones will update apps automatically).

  1. Open the SmartHalo app and click on the profile icon (top left).
  2. Go to the “linked accounts” section in the left tab.
  3. Click on the Strava item.
  4. Click on “Connect to Strava”.
  5. Follow the instruction on the browser window that pops up.
  6. A pop-up notification will appear saying that you have successfully connected to Strava.
  7. The app will navigate to the Strava settings page.
  8. You can change your privacy policy settings in the Strava app if you desire.  
  9. You will now be able to see your rides in Strava! Don’t forget to share the rides with friends!

For a more thorough walkthrough click here

Thank you for helping us grow. Stay tuned for more feature releases and updates to come shortly.

– The SmartHalo Team


About Strava
Strava is used by millions of people to record their physical activities, compare performance over time, compete with their community, and share the photos, stories and highlights of their activities with friends.

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