13 December, 2019

The SmartHalo Team Cycling Wish List

We get to meet a lot of cool cycling companies all year long; passionate inventors and entrepreneurs who relentlessly innovate to make cyclists’ lives better on (and off) the road. So, the team got together to share some of our favourite discoveries of 2019!

Looking to treat someone who loves cycling, or yourself maybe? Find the gift for every type of cyclist out there: a fitness addict, an urban commuter or maybe even a casual errand runner!

Be ready for 2020!


Give the gift of better bike storage

Imagine a better, easier way to store your bicycle with Kradl. No electricity, ropes or pulleys and can lift bikes up to 40 pounds! Use discount code KRADL10 to save 10% on your purchase.


Two Wheel Gear

Modular Bike Backpack Kit

The 3-piece modular commute system designed for any type of rider on any type of bike. Make your commute the best part of your day with the Commute Backpack, Top Tube Stash Bag and Seat Pack. Use independently or combine for flexible carrying options.

Available now on Kickstarter!

DoubleUp Roller

With its innovative design that lets you roll while comfortably standing or sitting and gives you complete control of your rolling pressure, DoubleUP is the perfect gift for anyone looking for relief from sore or stiff muscles. Another unique feature is its 5 included interchangeable rollers that enable users to customize their roll to mimic most massage therapy techniques. Plus DoubleUP comes in a cool carrying case that keeps everything organized at home or on the go.



SmartHalo 2

Turn the pre-order into a Christmas gift

The new generation of the all-in-one smart cycling device is currently available for pre-order. Which… doesn’t make for much of a physical gift, we know. But fear not!

We made a Christmas gift card to put under the tree for the cyclist in your life. Secure a SmartHalo 2 now for cycling season 2020!

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Happy Holidays & Happy Biking!

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