22 June, 2017

This is it, we’re shipping!

SmartHalo is shipping!

SmartHalo’s wildly successful crowdfunding campaign is now ready for delivery. Units are coming out of the factory as we speak and today, we’re shipping the first units to our Kickstarter, Indiegogo and pre-order backers. As production ramps up, units will be shipped throughout the world (in over 72 countries, to be exact).

Fulfilling such a massive number of units means they will be produced in batches – and they are already filling up quickly. If you haven’t ordered yet and want to bike with a SmartHalo before winter now is just about the best time to do so.  

To celebrate our worldwide launch, here’s our new video

Happy biking! 🙂

-The SmartHalo Team <3

Curious about the SmartHalo collection?