28 April, 2020

Update: SmartHalo 2 Features Demo

Hi fellow backers,

We hope you and your close ones are remaining safe during these unusual times. On our end, we try to bike as much as we can; it definitely clears the mind and gets the body moving. It also helps that every team member now has their own SmartHalo 2 prototype to test! With this important testing milestone reached, we thought it would be a good time to share footage of some of SmartHalo 2’s features in action. Little disclaimer: the screen finish on the prototype is not final – we will add anti-glare properties to it once we launch final production.

SmartHalo Greeting

This is SmartHalo 2 greeting you: as soon as you touch your bike, it turns on (as long as you have your phone on you!). SmartHalo 2 pairs with your phone over Bluetooth through our app which makes this seamless activation possible. 



Simply input your destination in the app or by choosing a favourite on your device and your SmartHalo 2 will tell you where to go. This is a right turn. As you can see, as you get closer to the turn, the halo’s turn signal fills up from white to green. On PeekDisplay, you see the distance decreasing as well as the street name if needed. To be fair, most times you don’t really need this info as the direction is enough, but on some complex intersections it can be helpful. 



This is our speedometer in action: beautiful isn’t it? You’ll be able to swipe between this and other metrics such as distance, time, calories and more. Each of these will have an accompanying Halo animation. 


Quick Touch Shortcuts

A feature for power users: define tap combinations in our app that can trigger features you want. For example, you could decide to assign 3 taps to take you home or one tap to display the clock. These shortcuts help you do more with your device, faster. 



One of the marquee features of SmartHalo: the anti-theft alarm! Remember, your device stays on your bike thanks to its locking mechanism and it automatically arms the alarm as soon as you walk away. If someone tampers with your bike, it’ll first send a warning signal. If the thief persists: a 100 dB alarm goes off. Back off! 


We’ll have more to show soon, as each week new features are added. Right now, we are working on swiping to display various metrics on your device. We can’t wait to show it to you! 


Quick Timeline Update

Production is moving along nicely. Remote work on lockdown definitely makes coordination between our efforts more challenging, but we are still moving along. We are currently in the process of reviewing the latest revisions of plastics and PCBs. This involves tests, tests and more tests! As we complete these, we’ll be able to update you on the final weeks of our production timeline, stay tuned! 


-The SmartHalo team <3

PS: as mentioned in previous updates, the shipping survey will be sent out a few weeks before shipping. You will also be able to buy extra units at a discounted price at that moment.

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