16 Juli, 2020

Summer Production Update

Hello fellow backers, 

We’re hoping you’re having a great summer so far and that you’ve had a chance to enjoy the outdoors safely. On our end, we thought it would be a good time to give you a quick production update. Our main focus currently is finalizing all hardware components and getting them ready for production, as well as completing the firmware, which is the operating system that drives the features on SmartHalo 2 paired with your smartphone. 


In terms of hardware, around half of plastic components are ready for production, with the remaining half needing final revisions. These include cosmetic touches, such as texturing and logos, as well as steps to make sure the device is waterproof (reminder: SmartHalo is designed to be left on your bike since it has an anti-theft alarm, so we really need to make sure it withstands the elements!). We seal every opening that is exposed in our casing to achieve this. 

As for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), we’ve had to design a fifth revision after finding a showstopper in version 4. This being said, it shouldn’t impact timelines as the correction we’ve implemented shouldn’t affect what was an otherwise functioning PCB.

All this to say, we’re not quite done yet, but we’re making great progress on the hardware front considering there’s a worldwide pandemic that’s hampering our efforts. To give you an idea of the scale of such a project: we’ve had to design, source and produce around 170 components to create your SmartHalo 2. Being in the last mile of this challenging marathon is definitely encouraging. 


We are making good progress as well on the firmware side. Right now, we’re working on what we call the carousel: it’ll allow you to swipe between metrics on your device. We’ve been spending the last few weeks fine-tuning the touch surface to make sure we can swipe easily as well as tap to trigger quick-touch shortcuts while you ride. 

DISCLAIMER: the SmartHalo 2 shown here is a prototype and does not have the finish of the final device + the flickering lines on the OLED screen are due to the camera.

We’re also bringing optimisations to battery autonomy and implementing transitions and animations to improve the user experience. 

DISCLAIMER: the SmartHalo 2 shown here is a prototype and does not have the finish of the final device + the flickering lines on the OLED screen are due to the camera.

On the app side, we’ve created a new onboarding experience: these are the first screens new users see when creating an account in our app. Since SmartHalo requires a few permissions from your phone to work properly, we make sure to explain why we need each of them with transparency. 

We’re also continuing work on a design refresh of the app. Indeed, our app is now 3 years old and SmartHalo 2 introduces a lot of new features, so we’re revisiting how we’re displaying every feature with a focus on simplicity and discoverability. The screens you see on the Kickstarter campaign are all part of this redesign. 

The new design will not be quite ready for launch since the team’s focus has been on firmware and manufacture, but don’t worry, all features will be functional on the current app! Some features might just feel a bit rough around the edges since the app was designed for SmartHalo 1. Bear with us, as you’ll receive an update a few months after the release with a brand new sexier app. With this refresh you will also have access to a few new features. More on that in future updates! 

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we’re still on time for the new September release date. As always, feel free to ask any question in the comments section below. 

Stay tuned for more updates and in the meantime, have a nice summer!

-The SmartHalo Team

PS: As mentioned in previous updates, the shipping survey will be sent out a few weeks before shipping. You will be able to modify your original shipping address if necessary and also to buy extra units at a discounted price at that moment.

Project we love

Our friends at Lumos have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest helmet. It’s a huge success! We are really proud of them as fellow tech creators, fellow cyclists and knowing they improve the safety of cyclists everywhere.

The end of their campaign is only in a few days. Don’t miss out! 

Lumos Ultra: The new standard in bike helmets

If you cycle, be it for commute, leisure or fitness, the Lumos Ultra might be the perfect helmet for you. 
It’s a smart bike helmet integrated with front light, rear lights, turn signals and other smart features to prevent an accident from happening. 

It is also crash test certified, ventilated and lightweight – which truly makes it the safest helmet on the road. To learn more, click here!

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