SmartHalo Is a Place Where Creators Can Shape the Future of Mobility.

SmartHalo is a team of passionate creators on a mission to make cycling the future of urban mobility. We believe in cycling, we believe in cyclists, and we believe in each other. If you’ve ever wanted to create something truly great, you should join us. Go directly to open positions.

Why Cycling?

Cycling is the solution to the pains of city life: pollution, congestion, and stress. It’s an established technology perfectly suited to modern challenges, and it’s woefully under-represented on the roads. But that’s changing.

We Believe Cycling Is the Future of Urban Mobility

Around the world, people are taking up cycling as a way to improve their lives and improve their neighbourhoods. Cities are investing in infrastructure to encourage people to use their bikes. Cycling IS the future of urban mobility…or at least it will be if people like you push for it.

Why SmartHalo?

SmartHalo the company is all about shaping mobility and SmartHalo the product is the first step: improving cycling for individuals. However, if we want cycling to be seen as more than just an activity, we can’t stop there – we need cycling to be seen as movement.


Band up for Cycling

The next step for SmartHalo will be to help cyclists band together to improve cycling in their city.  We’re starting with our team; bringing like-minded creators (like yourself) into the fold to help us accomplish what no individual can do on their own.

Our Values

Our team is made up of different people with different strengths and weaknesses. Our values are how we work together.

We Are Innovative.

We’re always looking to improve our products, our team, and ourselves with new solutions. At SmartHalo, you’ll have the opportunity to work on the building cutting edge innovations in technology and design.

We Are User-Oriented.

We constantly seek feedback; from our users to guide our product efforts and from each other to guide our team. At SmartHalo, you’ll get to learn and grow with us.

We Are Sustainable.

We seek to reduce emissions for the future of our planet.  We also want to build a sustainable team; one that can produce results over the long term without burning out our team members. At SmartHalo, your work will be driven by purpose while maintaining life-work balance.

We Are Accountable.

We do our best to fulfill our promises to our users and each other.  At SmartHalo, you’ll push hard to do what others might think is impossible.

We Are Collaborative.

We know a team can accomplish more than an individual, and therefore bi-directional communication (with our users and each other) is imperative. At SmartHalo, you’ll be part of something bigger.

We Are Respectful.

Passionate people can have disagreements, but we must always deal with them via empathetic and inclusive means. At SmartHalo, you will be treated right.

Join Us!

Do you like what we’ve created?  Do you want to create something you can be proud of?  Drop us a line! Even if we don’t have a position for you now, you never know when we might need someone exactly like you:

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