Everything you always wanted to know about SmartHalo but were afraid to ask. Have a question that hasn’t been answered? Drop us an email: hi@smarthalo.bike.

Do I need an internet connection for SmartHalo to work?

Most of SmartHalo’s features rely on Bluetooth rather than internet connection. This being said, the turn-by-turn navigation requires an internet connection to work.

Will SmartHalo fit on my bike?

99% chance that it will. We’ve designed SmartHalo to fit with the three main handlebar standards of 22.2, 25.4 and 31.8 mm diameter.

When will SmartHalo be released?

When did you order?Delivery Date
You are a backer: you pledged our Kickstarter campaign in August 2015January 2016 to February 2017
You are a contributor from Indiegogo or you pre-ordered on our websiteFebruary 2017

Where can I buy a SmartHalo? Will XYZ store be carrying SmartHalo?

For now, SmartHalo is only available on our website. We then plan to make it available in cycling and sporting stores.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Only credit cards are accepted at the moment.

I’m a retailer/wholesale distributor/online merchant interested in carrying SmartHalo. What’s the process?

Thank you for your interest! Drop us a line, and we will keep you apprised of when SmartHalo will be available to channels beyond our own.

Do you ship SmartHalo to my country?

Most countries, yes. In the checkout page, if your country is there it means we can ship there.

When will SmartHalo be released in stores in my country?

The availability in stores will depend by country. The best way to get it as soon as possible is to order on our website!

Does SmartHalo protect my bike from being stolen?

Yes! We take the direct approach, with a motion sensitive alarm. If somebody tampers a bit too much with your beloved bike, a loud alarm will ring for a minute. SmartHalo will recognize you by your phone, turning the alarm off when you approach.

Can SmartHalo find my stolen bike’s location?

SmartHalo can only remind you of the last known location of your bike. If your bike gets stolen, SmartHalo won’t be able to recognize its new location. But our integrated alarm system can help deter theft from happening in the first place.

Is it safe to leave my SmartHalo on the bike?

Yes. You need to use your personal HaloKey™ to unlock the device from its base.

What if I want to take my SmartHalo traveling/on bikeshare/somewhere other than my main bike, is it easy to uninstall?

Yes. We make it easy for you, terribly difficult for thieves! Use your HaloKey™ to easily remove the device from the base. Then you can unscrew the base and bring it elsewhere.

How long will the battery last on the SmartHalo?

SmartHalo has been optimized to ensure long battery life. Under normal use, it will last about three weeks. It will last longer if you use it less.

How do I charge SmartHalo?

To charge, simply remove the device from the base using your HaloKey™ and plug it in a wall outlet or in a USB port with the provided USB cable.

But will it kill my phone’s battery?

Just like any other tracking app, SmartHalo uses some of your phone’s battery. However since the screen is turned off, it uses only GPS and Bluetooth, so it’s reasonable.

What if my phone batteries die?

The advanced functions of SmartHalo require a smartphone to work, but know you will still be able to use your night light even if your smartphone batteries run out.

Can I charge my SmartHalo with a dynamo? How about a solar panel?

It’s not possible to use SmartHalo with a dynamo or a solar panel, because it requires constant DC 5V power.

Why didn’t you put a screen on the SmartHalo?

Our minimalist interface doesn’t require a screen! We can show navigation, goals, alerts and much more using a simple circle.

But it’d be nice to know at what speed I’m going

You can! In the app, you can set a goal for speed and have SmartHalo display visually your speed relative to that goal (as a percentage).

Does SmartHalo work during winter?

We built SmartHalo to work year round. That being said, in general batteries don’t like temperatures below -10°C. In the most extreme winter conditions, we recommend you remove SmartHalo between each ride and bring it inside.

Is SmartHalo water resistant?

SmartHalo has been designed to resist any weather you throw at it. When installed on your bike, it will resist heavy rain so it can stay on your bike. (But don’t take a bath with it.)

Can more than one person use my SmartHalo?

Yes. While it is designed to be used by one person at a time (to prevent somebody from trying to connect to your SmartHalo in the street), you can share your SmartHalo with someone else by authenticating their phone.

Does SmartHalo talk?

No, SmartHalo won’t converse with you and you’ll have to make friends elsewhere 😉

What phones are supported?

iPhone: 4S and up, iOS 9 and up.
Android: Phones equipped with BLE, Android 4.4 and up

Will you release a Windows/Blackberry version?

So you decided to be your own unique snowflake. For the moment, there are no plans to release a Windows or Blackberry version of our app. But if enough people harass us…

Can I work with you?

We are always open to have talented people join the team. Drop us a line, let’s see where it leads us!