FAQ – SmartHalo 2

Disclaimer! SmartHalo 2 is currently in production, the information below is therefore subject to change. Have a question that hasn’t been answered? Drop us an email: hi@smarthalo.bike.

There’s a lot of new features for SmartHalo 2 but we’ll try to summarize. First, there’s the PeekDisplay in the center of the Halo that makes every feature better and allows you to see live metrics (your Speed, Distance, Calories and more) and other valuable tidbits (turn details, incoming call and more) while your ride. To interact with PeekDisplay, you can now use swipes as well as taps, which is also new.

Otherwise, we’ve taken feedback from the community to improve other facets of SmartHalo. It’s lighter, the anti-theft mount is sturdier and slicker, the front light is way stronger and we’re adding more integrations (we have Strava, Apple Health, but we’re also open for other ideas!).

We’re also revamping Navigation: you have more options to customize your routes, and you can import GPX files. You also get more info while you ride to make sure you don’t miss turns.

Yes. SmartHalo works worldwide.

We support both iPhone and Android. We do not plan to support other platforms for the moment. Apple Watch integration is something we often discuss in the team. For now, it is not planned since we have limited resources.

It’s a possibility with the hardware we have and it’s a request we’re getting a lot so we’ll definitely be spending some time figuring out how to implement this. We just need to have a proof of concept before committing to it (we’d rather not promise something we haven’t tested yet internally). In any case, it is theoretically possible with our hardware.

Although the product is designed for traditional bikes, SmartHalo 2 will be easier to mount on your e-bike with the quarter lock mount adapter.

Yes, our anti-theft mount fits some foldable bikes (Jo, our colleague has a brompton and it fits perfectly). This being said, there might be issues with some models of foldable handlebars. In that case, you can use a Quarter Lock Mount to mount SmartHalo 2.

Only the crowdfunding platforms made it possible for us to ship worldwide. As we’re still a small company, for the moment we only ship to Europe, United States and Canada from our own website.

The only feature that requires an Internet connection is Navigation. Without a data connection, you can still use fitness tracking, fitness goals and speedometer, the alarm, the light and the personal assistant.

Yes. SmartHalo has been designed to resist any weather you throw at it. When installed on your bike, it will resist heavy rain so it can stay on your bike.

You can put it on your horse if you want. Just keep in mind that routing is optimized for cycling, and that most of the features have been built for bicycles.

We come from Montreal, Canada: winter is in our DNA. So we built SmartHalo 2 to work year round. That being said, the battery doesn’t like temperatures below -20°C and might require more frequent charging.

Batch 1 of SmartHalo 2 is sold out. Batch 2 is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship in Summer 2021.

That being said, we’ll be honest with you: we are currently in production, which means that we are working hard on our end to make sure we deliver by our estimated date, but it’s not only up to us. On the manufacturing end some delays can occur, especially with the impact of COVID-19, that we have very little control over. Also, we want to make sure you get the best version of the product possible, which means that we will test it until it meets all of our quality standards and that could impact the delivery date a little. We will keep you up to date on the production timelines as we go.

All-in-all, we hear you! You want your SmartHalo 2 as fast as possible and we want to make that happen. Keep up with us and we’ll make sure to make your life easier and safer on the road.

Don’t worry friend, you can visit our brand new Help Center. It’s a great start to find information on all topics regarding SmartHalo 2.

We are always open to have talented people join the team. Visit our career page, let’s see where it leads us!

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