The multidisciplinary team at SmartHalo aims to revolutionize biking through technology. Feel like joining us? Take a look at our jobs listing.


<a href="">Xavier Peich</a>

Xavier Peich

King in the NorthBusiness Director

<a href="">Gabriel Alberola</a>

Gabriel Alberola

Pixel PusherUX Director

<a href="">Olivier Bourbonnais</a>

Olivier Bourbonnais

Tech CarpenterTechnology Director

<a href="">Maxime Couturier</a>

Maxime Couturier

Plastic SurgeonDesign Director


<a href="">Sean Beitz</a>

Sean Beitz

CmonsterLead Firmware Developer

<a href="">Matt Farough</a>

Matt Farough

Jack of all SoftwareToolsmith

<a href="">Dannie Fu</a>

Dannie Fu

UX GrasshopperUX Developer

<a href="">Sébastien Gélinas</a>

Sébastien Gélinas

Lead (Pb82) JunkieHardware Designer

<a href="">Isabelle Letarte</a>

Isabelle Letarte

Firmware FinesserFirmware Developer

<a href="">Manu Loigeret</a>

Manu Loigeret

Mobile AlchemistSoftware Developer

<a href="">Marc-André Marceau</a>

Marc-André Marceau

Ninja CoderLead Platform Developer

<a href="">Al Mithani</a>

Al Mithani

Nerd in residenceLead Software Developer

<a href="">Claire Reierson</a>

Claire Reierson

App CriticUX Test Designer


<a href="">Alexis Laprés-Paradis</a>

Alexis Laprés-Paradis

Guardian of the LootFinancial Strategist

<a href="">Tiphaine Lecorre</a>

Tiphaine Lecorre

Administrative SamuraiExecutive Assistant

<a href="">Dominic Simard</a>

Dominic Simard

Distribution DawgGrowth Strategist





SmartHalo wouldn’t be possible without the help of these precious partners.